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While you build, it’s easy to lose focus on why you’re building. It’s that why, however, that turns a good startup into a great brand.

Failing to communicate that why, or worse, miscommunicating that why is the reason that so many great businesses fail to gain the notoriety they deserve. What’s the difference between Hipchat and Slack? Probably a few well placed pieces in TechCrunch and The New York Times.

I believe that communicating that why is an essential piece of the startup tool kit whether you’re looking to raise that first round of funding, enter into a new market, or re-establish your brand after a rough patch or controversy.

I got into communications because I realized that the why defines a great business.

In this column I’ll introduce you to the down and dirty basics of good communications and aim to keep it short and keep it real. You may recognize the name of this column as the words most people use when running their first computer program.

I think the phrase, Hello World!, embodies the philosophy of both good communications and Web 2.0 in many ways. They nod to our social nature as human beings and humbly acknowledge the potential of the Internet as medium that defines how we share information.

When you ship your new product, launch your new blog, or send out that first press release, you’re saying hello to a world of opportunity.

How that hello comes across is entirely dependent on your message from the jump.

Through the startup lens I hope to impart some information I’ve found extremely helpful during my first days in the communication game.

I also hope to start some great conversations on theories I have about how communications have changed in a world of memes, millennials, and constantly connected mobile devices.

Like every passionate rookie, I’m hungry to learn and grow. If you’re reading this, I hope that you are too.  So, Hello World! Thanks for reading!

When we chat next I’ll be talking about the elements of news. Till then, you can tweet me @Enzofromspace

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