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You’ve got a blog, and some social media accounts, and you’re ready to tell the world about your startup. How do you make sure that what you are writing will resonate with your audience, and make them want to share it? Use the three E’s to check you posts before you send them.

Engage – Also known as hooking your audience. A clever subject line or title will ensure that your readers will delve deeper into your content. Headlines should be short, timely, and relevant, with the first two words being the most important. Using the words “you” or “your” will increase your open/ click through rate.

If you are an HR consultant and have a newsletter, you could write:

HR Consultant Quarterly Newsletter.


FLU SEASON ALERT! 5 tips for a healthy workplace

In the second example, the first three words stand out, not only because they are capitalized, but they are timely and relevant to the audience. Using lists is also very effective. They allow the reader to skim through and read what is most important to them.

Enlighten – Humans are information sponges; we want to learn. Give you audience information they don’t already have, or frame it from a different perspective. Your content can also confirm assumptions. Statistics, and quotes that are referenced stick with the reader. Make sure that the information is laid out in a way that is easy to follow.


Entertain – Mix it up. Use different kinds of content formats, such as listicles, memes, infographics, charts and quotes to get your message out. Everyone loves a good story. We like stories that inspire us, stories where David beats Goliath, and stories we can identify with. Telling a compelling story will make the reader want to read to the end to find out what happens.

Before you send out a tweet or blog, or any content, give it the triple E test. Read it through aloud and ask yourself it engages, entertains and enlightens the reader. If it doesn’t try a good edit or format change. If it passes the test, great, you know that you have written something people want to read so send away!

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