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Dear Startup Founder,

Aren’t there just so many hard decisions when you are startup?

There are hundreds of moving parts to a new business. It’s hard to know which way is up some days.

One day you think you have a solid business model, the next you see it’s not scalable or you realize you have many competitors on your heels.

We all hear all the stories of bootstrapping is so hard.

Sure, many days I will live off the startup “C” diet:

chips, chocolate, coffee, cola, with a generous side-order of “no-sleep”.

I wasn’t prepared however, to struggle so much over values.

Many of us are on a super lean budget; whether hiring skills or services or workplaces. Some decide to source skill far-sourced on apps that are reported as being exploitative to workers.

It’s a crap shoot. Sometimes you might get good work. Or many times the work results are poor and wasted your time organizing it all.

I wrestled with the choices of local and ethical or cheap and far. It’s a big thing for me. Ethics feel very binary to me.


For example, I needed Gugoiza t-shirts but had a very limited budget.

I felt like a yo-yo for days. Got dozens of local quotes but I could not afford it.

Then I decided on a compromise that I could live with.

X—- But could not afford Canadian-made t-shirts.

Compromise is constant when you are bootstrapping. Be ready for that.



Gugoiza is here to reduce some of that stress. helps startups in many ways:

Gugoiza is all about trust. We now have hundreds of freelancers and independent companies offering skills and products and they keep ALL their earnings.

Why? Because we know how hard it is to struggle in this economy.

This is why Gugoiza is truly free.

If I had a dollar for every time people asked “what’s the catch?” I be funded by now.

There is no catch.

Just my commitment to each of the hundreds and hundreds of users that I personally on-board each month, that we are not a middleman increasing costs or taking some of the workers’ earnings.

I hope to meet all our 3600+ members of StartupToronto and help each one of you in some way.

Whether you need help creating a post to get hired or hire great workers or finding the support or resources you need,

I’m here for you.

Yours truly,


founder of

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