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Make Better Instagram, YouTube Videos, and Facebook Videos

Do you want to make better Instagram, Youtube videos, and Facebook videos?  Of course, you do and so do I!

I was working on a video for a YouTube video & Facebook video series at Workhaus last week when a friend rushed over excitedly to show me her latest gadget.  It was a gimble stabilizer for my iPhone and it was amazing!

A Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal for Smartphone to be exact.

Doing videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and more I am always looking for ways to make better videos.  Check out these videos I made before the gimbal.  Get 10 Customers first  and Building or Selling Your Product or Service What Comes First for a Bootstrapping Startup with The Startup Coach

I thought a gimbal was out of my price range.  This thing is on sale for $150 (currently $50 off) and with it and your iPhone, you will take better Instagram, YoutTube Videos, and Facebook videos.

Once my iPhone is secured, I pressed the power button and was immediately impressed by the gyroscopic motion of the phone balancing system.  Walking with it while recording videos was like a dream.  It panned slowly with no jitter and was very easy to keep moving things in the frame.  The Bluetooth connectivity works well allowing you to start and stop recording without touching the phone.  The charging port is a nice touch and keeps your phone taking videos at those late night events when you didn’t have time to charge during the day!

I have ordered one and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival and better Instagram, YouTube videos, and Facebook videos I will be cranking out once it arrives.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal for Smartphone


I also picked up this tripod & selfie stick in one.   It is supposed to work very well with the stabilizer! I’ll let you know how the pair work together once I have used them for a while.

Andoer Benro MK10 Handheld Extendable Mini Tripod Selfie Stick
Andoer Benro MK10 Handheld Extendable Mini Tripod Selfie Stick


Video is an important part of any social media, SEO, and marketing campaigns.  YouTube is not only the most popular video platform today it is also the worlds second largest search engine!  As an entrepreneur if you aren’t making videos its time to start!

Already creating videos and want to make better Instagram, YouTube Videos, or Facebook Videos?   Take a look at these accessories and start to really engage your audience


Craig Major

Toronto’s entrepreneur mentor The Startup Coach

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