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Your Business Idea is Worthless

The Startup Coach

I know you don’t want to hear it but your startup idea or business idea is worthless.  Let me repeat that. Your Business Idea is Worthless.

While running TorontoStarts Toronto’s Entrepreneur & Startup Community, I have met with many entrepreneurs.  I have discussed business ideas with over 29,000 entrepreneurs.  I have heard so many great business ideas and many business ideas

Unless you are willing to do the work your business idea doesn’t matter.  In fact I am writing an upcoming post on Why Your startup Idea isn’t Sacred.

I have had several people come up to me and say

‘I have the next great startup idea.  I’ll tell it to you and you can build the business and we’ll be partners split it 50 / 50’

I usually laugh at them and tell them to keep their business idea as it is worthless.

As you know, building a company is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  Why would any one take this deal?

My Business Idea is Unique

Ok, but you are the exception, your business Idea is unique!  Your business Idea is something no one else has thought of and its going to make millions.  Sorry to be the one to tell you, your idea is not unique.  Other people are working on it right now.  The difference between them and you?  They are working on it not talking about it.  Almost every event I run someone comes to me with their unique business idea.  When I tell them its not unique they usually don’t believe me.  Self-delusion is not a success tactic.   If I can get the entrepreneur to talk to me for a while one or more people with similar startups will come talk to me about their unique business idea.  Only after hearing others working on the same thing does realization sink in to the unique business idea believer.  Your startup idea is not unique!  Your idea does nota business make.  Hard work, with a focus on validating learning is what makes a business.  Thinking your idea is unique leads to laziness, remember  business idea is worthless

Business Idea Without the Work

Have you heard the saying ‘Chop the wood, Carry the water’?  It is very popular with founders.  It means you have to do the work.  A business idea with out the follow through is just a dream.  If you want to dream, great.  Just don’t call yourself an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs are doers.  They don’t talk about someday’s and maybes and only ifs.  They go out and make it happen with hustle and hard work that comes with the passion of building something that is yours.  So if you have a business idea but aren’t willing to work 80 hours a week to make it happen.  Stick to watching TV and spare yourself the heartache.  Without the work your business idea is worthless


Are You Willing to Work for Your Business Idea

You are ready to do what it takes to make your startup idea a reality, great!  What to do first?  First you need to validate your idea.  Taking the Idea Validation Workshop gives you the skills you need to validate the product, validate the market, validate the problem solution fit and finally validate willingness to pay.  Idea Validation is at the heart of validated learning and is the core activity of every startup.

Startup Workshops

Knowing validated learning is the core activity of any startup, we start with the Idea Validation Workshop.  Equally important is the understanding of your business model.  The Business Model Canvas Workshop covers this.  Other classes not only includes marketing & PR, and Social Media, but also Startup Law.


Startup Crash Courses

In a like manner, entrepreneurs need to understand that marketing is the key to success.  The Growth Hacking Crash Course is essential for growing customer base. Together with the SEO Crash Course in order to drive traffic to your site.  Finally, the Social Media Crash Course to grow your brand following and awareness.  Of course the Startup Launch Accelerator program offers even more.  In fact if you want to take your idea to launch the Startup Launch program is for you.


Startup Coaching

Did you know the Startup Coach Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentor founded TorontoStarts? His focus, to give early stage startups & entrepreneurs in Toronto a community to grow, learn, and succeed.  Growing to help over 29,000 Toronto Startups and entrepreneurs in just 3 years.

The Startup Coach believes strongly only by helping early stage Toronto startups succeed will we truly see the Toronto Startup Ecosystem truly evolve.  TorontoStarts is built to help entrepreneurs be successful.  As a matter of fact, we have developed a series of workshops and crash course designed to give every entrepreneur the skills they need to be successful.

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