August 30, 2018


Startup Talk Toronto’s Startup Podcast Episode 5: STARTING A MOVEMENT


On Episode 5 of Startup Talk on this epIsode I talk with Emily Rose Antflick the founder of SheCoSystem about taking the leap from her day job to starting a community women’s coworking space and wellness centre, I also meet with Lyndon Johnson from the about PR and marketing challenges of startups and his lean canvas approach to marketing & PR. 

Emily Rose Antflick founder of Shecosystem

Emily and I talk about leaving her day job to start a community, coworking space and wellness centre. Making self-care part of your business strategy

Lyndon Johnson founder of

Lyndon and I discuss marketing and PR, going from corporate to supporting startups, moving to Canada and how he took the lean canvas process and created a set of marketing and PR canvas

Marketing & PR Canvas from

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