April 30, 2019


The Startup Coach – Tuesday Update

Hey it’s the Startup Coach here with another Tuesday Update

This week on the Startup Talk Podcast I talk to Will Greeblatt of OutLoud Speakers School about going to acting school, traveling and teaching in Spain and China, and how an injury turned into starting OutLoud Speakers School and training executives and entrepreneurs on pitching, selling, and public speaking.  Will teaches Techstars, DMZ, and TorontoStarts Startup Launch Accelerator co-horts helping them prepare to pitch and meet with investors and

Will has generously agreed to be a part of the May 15 Startup Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar giving a short session before hand and being on hand to give advice and feedback.

Traction and the 19 types of traction are the focused of this weeks Startup Launch program as I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their business. 

Tonight is the Business Model Canvas Workshop where we map your business plan to a one page lean canvas to help you communicate your business, compare business models and understand where you need to focus.  Let works on yours tonight

The Fundica Roadshow You can still apply to pitch for up to $800k in financing

Collision is coming and that week in May is going to be insane …

I am excited about the Marketing and PR Workshop on May 7 with great mentors including Digital Marketing expert Jordan Stevens and Nymia the founder of The Social Sherpa working hands on answering your questions, no pitches, no presentations, just PR and marketing experts answering your questions giving you actionable advice to get the right message out there.

On May 14 Social Media Workshop we are lucky to have Songbird Marketing’s amazing Candace Huntly joining our other mentors to help you engage and reach your customers on social media.

May 15 Startup Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar will be filled with special guests including a special early mentoring session with Will Greenblatt, (he charges over $500 and hour for his services so take this opportunity to take your pitching and speaking skills to the next level.  Alex and Ryan from Equivesto will be giving advice and answering questions on how to value your startup, getting investment, and crowdfunding.  As if that wasn’t enough I am very excited to have my friend Mike Lee founder of Fundica and The Fundica Roadshow on hand happy to answer questions on pitching and getting investment.  

We are working on some amazing new courses coming soon so stay tuned or better yet email craig@torontostarts.com and let me know which course your interested in and I’ll make sure to let you know when it is announced.

SEO The complete course – 2 Days Saturday & Sunday – covering all aspects of SEO and working hands on with tools to develop your SEO plan over the two day intensive prgram

Traction – A Hands on growth hacking approach to the 19 channels of traction drilling deeply and brain storming each channel to generate ideas and plans for developing each channel for maximum customer growth

Pitching – 6 weeks to pitching success, in this six week course you will perfect your pitch and deliver the right story with the right information, with the right tone of voice body language and wording.  Each week features a different mentor to finely hone your pitch.

And finally feedback of the week comes from Weijian who had this to say;

Great experience at the growth hacking workshop. What I found most valuable: cool tips and tricks, paradigm-shifting ideas, and—most importantly—you as an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration.

Wow Thanks for the great feedback it really means a lot to me,

This is the Startup Coach and I hope to see you soon

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