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Flow Filters are most economic, efficient, light and sustainable carbon air filter on the market. Carbon filters are essential in the hydroponics industry for odor and voc control. Our filters are 10 times lighter which save all stakeholders money, and effort, being the biggest problem our customs face with the current filters. Our filters are also 30% more effective at odor and voc removal which our users love. The medium it self is fully biodegradable and made from tree waste product making it carbon net positive in its disposal. Carbon filters are like vacuums before Dyson came along, and were going to be the ones to lead carbon filters out the dark ages into modern commercialization. We have 80 stores plus two wholesalers names biofloral and ram bridge that distribute to 600 stores total that are very interested in the product. We have connections to several other wholesalers in North America such as hydrofarm and sunlight supply once we are ready for mass production. We are currently testing 10 filters in different facilities with promising results.

Flow Filters

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