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Beaconforce – The Startup List Toronto Startups with TorontoStarts

MANAGEMENT IS BROKEN! There are over 40 years of behavioral science research that shows how people are motivated and most businesses use none of it. Beaconforce measures people’s intrinsic motivation, trust and Flow in real-time, gives these insights to managers and provides automatic alerts and recommended actions to take to manage people in the right way. Using Beaconforce, companies’ managers can take immediate, effective action based on measurements and insights that matter. We have created a tool that is extremely practical in it’s usage and depth of measurement. Our framework includes 7 pillars of intrinsic motivation (clear goals, continuous feedback, attitude towards risk, balanced challenges, sense of control, sense of improvement, social interaction), Trust, and Flow Zone (a person’s most productive state). To gather data, we ask questions via a mobile app: 2 different behavioral science based questions every work day. Design of questions and delivery remove biases over time. Insights are provided to managers that can take more effective action. They will then see the results of their action as we close the feedback loop with continuous measurement.We currently have 15 global clients, 4500+ users. We have 76% adoption of the app and 70% of questions answered.


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