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At Startup Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar we get entrepreneurs and creative thinkers from all walks of life and age groups. Join investors, community leaders, visionaries, hustlers and incurable hackers, mentors and more for a night of drinks, pitches, and networking.

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Startup Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar FAQ

  1.  Can anyone pitch?  Yes, we haven’t turned anyone down yet.
  2. How do I sign up to pitch?  Once you are registered talk to Craig ‘The Startup Coach’ to get on the list
  3. How long can I pitch for?  The Startup Coach will assign you pitch timing.  Since we close the bar during the pitches they are kept short usually 30 – 60 seconds, With the more interesting pitches getting more time.
  4. Do I need to have a startup to pitch?  No, Startup Drinks is primarily a networking event so we encourage people to pitch their product or service, idea, or even if they are looking for work. (i.e. I am a UX Developer looking to work with an interesting startup in AI.  If you are interested come talk to me!)  This allows people to connect with the right people in the room.
  5. Can I use slides?  Yes, Slides are welcome, but not necessary.  You can email them or use a USB drive to transfer to the presenting computer.


 is the Largest Open Innovation Challenge in Canada with Six Major Tracks they are Calling All Change Makers to take part1 . 5 Cities, 6 Tracks, $100,000 in prizes!  They will be on site so you can find out more at Startup Drinks Open PItch Open Bar on Wednesday Sept 11.  


Join TorontoStarts on September 30 for an evening of 12 pitches from leading Swedish incubators!  To register for the event email asking her to put you on the list for Sept 30!

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