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Why Buyer Personas Matter with Mark Evans

TorontoStarts presents "Why Buyer Personas Matter" with Mark Evans.
A look at how to create buyer personas and align it with the buyer's journey. Get a better picture of your customers and how prospects interact with your brand through the different parts of the funnel: awareness, consideration, decision, advocacy.
Why do Buyer Personas matter?
How do we create and validate them?
What do Buyer Personas look like?
How you use them?

Mark Evans is the principal with ME Consulting, which helps fast-growing B2B technology companies drive more leads and customer engagement through brand positioning, strategic planning, and amazing content.
Mark is the author of Marketing Spark, a book that provides entrepreneurs with strategic and tactical guidance to embrace the power of story-driven marketing.
He blogs at and publishes a weekly newsletter that features curated content about marketing and sales.

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