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Startup Marketing Masters SWOT Analysis with Scott Binnie

TorontoStarts and Zuzubuzz Digital present "Marketing Maters Series: SWOT Analysis" with Scott Binnie

SWOT Analysis assumes that strengths and weaknesses are frequently internally-related, while opportunities and threats commonly focus are due to the external environment. In competitor analysis, marketers build detailed profiles of each competitor in the market, focusing especially on their relative competitive strengths and weaknesses using SWOT analysis.

The name SWOT stands for the four parameters the technique examines:

Strengths: characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others.

Weaknesses: characteristics of the business that place the business or project at a disadvantage relative to others.

Opportunities: elements in the environment that the business or project could exploit to its advantage.

Threats: elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business or project.

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