September 11

Startup Face Off Round 2

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Startup Face Off  Round 2

Presented by TorontoStarts

This lively and interactive session has our panelists discussing entrepreneur and startup topics of the day. They Face Off against each other on 4 topics and this group rarely agrees and things will get heated! Get different points of view from entrepreneurs working with and in their startups everyday. 

Startup Face Off Round 2 Discussion Points

  • How important is “following your passion” in business?
  •  Why 5 year projections matter or not matter for your startup 
  • Sprints or Marathons - What's the right Tempo for Startups?
  • What are the biggest barriers to startups getting the capital they need?  Is it themselves?

About the Startup Face Off Round 2 Panelists

josh schachnow Startup Face off Round 2

Josh Schachnow is a Canadian immigration lawyer and CEO of - a free platform helping international students and skilled workers navigate Canadian immigration.  Visit the Immigration Portal

Alex Morsink Startup Face off Round 2

Alexander Morsink is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of Equivesto, a new Canadian equity crowdfunding platform. Directly invest in exciting startups and small businesses starting with only $100 or raise between $25,000 and $1.5MM for your company from your own network of followers and supporters. 

Visit Equivesto to learn more.

Anatolii Shkliaruk  Startup Face off Round 2

Anatolii Shkliaruk is the Co-Founder of Paqt, an Agreement Platform for frequent deal makers. We’ve redefined digital dealmaking with a professional chat and a set of tools, which make it efficient and legally powerful. Digital ID, in-chat digital signatures, micro-agreements and contract generation – all is collected in a ready to use tool. Paqt is making the digital agreement process enjoyable without compromising the speed and legal security.

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Craig Major is The Startup Coach and the Founder of TorontoStarts the largest Startup Community in Canada.  TorontoStarts helps entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow their businesses through educational events, workshops, webinars, pitch competitions and more.  Check out more at


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