January 12

Startup Faceoff 4 with TorontoStarts

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Startup Faceoff 4

Presented by TorontoStarts

This lively and interactive session has our panelists discussing entrepreneur and startup topics of the day. They Face Off against each other on 4 topics and this group rarely agrees and things will get heated! Get different points of view from entrepreneurs working with and in their startups everyday. 

Startup Faceoff 4 Discussion Points

  • How do you build a good product with limited resources?
  • How will the ‘office’ physical environment and structure change as a result of the pandemic?  What are the positives and negatives of this change to urban centres and real estate?
  • With lockdowns probably continuing how are you keeping your business and community active and engaged during the holiday / winter season and is it much different then it would have been pre covid? 
  • Should a business mandate their employees to get the COVID vaccine?

About the Startup Faceoff 4 Panelists

Justin Ford of Javelin sports 400x400

Justin is the CEO and co-founder of Javelin Sports. Javelin Sports helps sports organizations with organization, communication, and scheduling. Justin co-founded Javelin Sports while obtaining an undergraduate business degree from Ivey business school at Western University. Justin primarily focuses on product development and sales.

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Trevor Shorte Startup Pricing Strategies

Trevor is the Managing Partner of SongBird Marketing Communications that helps businesses find their voice in the world of Social Media, PR, Branding, and Marketing. Over the course of his career, Trevor has worked with numerous brands and corporations in the telecommunications, IT, and retail industries creating product marketing/development strategies, programs and communications. He is an active member of the Ontario startup community, offering workshops, one-on-one consultations, and guidance for entrepreneurs in various industries such as Fashion, Cryptocurrency, Tech, Consumer, and e-Commerce.

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Deanna Burger on Startup Faceoff 4 with TorontoStarts

Deanna is Co-Founder of commUNITY, offering Canadian-made, high quality, 100% cotton, reusable masks, holders, and organizers. With over 20 years of experience in corporate marketing, sales enablement, and sponsorship strategy, Deanna has a history of successfully leading teams at Fortune 100 companies. Her main focus has always been developing and executing marketing and sponsorship campaigns with the goal of elevating the customer experience to achieve business results.

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Craig Major The Startup Coach founder of TorontoStarts

Craig is The Startup Coach and the Founder of TorontoStarts the largest Startup Community in Canada.  TorontoStarts helps entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow their businesses through educational events, workshops, webinars, pitch competitions and more.  Check out more at TorontoStarts.com


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