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February 20, 2023

Cansulta on The Startup Talk Podcast

Show Notes

Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, the founder of Cansulta joins the Startup Coach for this Startup Talk Podcast interview. Cansulta is a platform that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to find and book consultations with vetted experts in a variety of industries. During the interview, Alexandra shares the inspiration behind starting Cansulta, how it differs from other consulting platforms, and the process of finding and booking a consultation. She also talks about the challenges faced while building and scaling the business, future plans, and the team behind Cansulta. This is a must-watch for anyone looking to start their own consulting platform or for those looking for an easier way to access expert advice.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest, Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, founder of Cansulta
  • Explanation of what Cansulta is and how it differs from other consulting platforms on the market
    • We’re AirBNB + Match + Upwork + Etsy combined for consulting—an online platform for businesses to access the expertise of vetted professionals, easily & affordably. We’re consulting for the modern era ?
    • How we’re different: 
      • Everyone is vetted; we accept <20% of applicants
      • Consultants set their own prices & can make custom offers
      • No hidden fees, no overhead
      • Flexible! Collaborate as-needed: by the hour, task, project, team.
    • Our Benefits page ( explains more about how we’re different 
  • Discussion on the inspiration behind starting Cansulta and the problem it solves
    • Business leaders lack the time, knowledge, and resources to tackle every problem and opportunity.
    • It’s difficult and expensive to find available, trustworthy and effective consultants to help 
    • Big businesses & enterprises have in-house teams or support from large consultancies, but startups and SMEs don’t have the same resources
    • Every business deserves to benefit from the transformative impacts of great strategy, direction, advice, and consulting from reliable experts and those who have “been there, done that”
    • Cansulta bridges that gap, provides access, makes it easy & affordable to get support
  • Walkthrough of the process of finding and booking a consultation on Cansulta
  • Information on how experts on the platform are vetted and qualified
    • It’s an intense process, arguably as rigorous or more than securing a full-time position! Steps include: resume screening, recorded video interview, Case Study with live presentation, references from previous clients, legal/financial compliance.
  • Sharing of success stories of clients who have used Cansulta to solve a problem or grow their business
  • Explanation of the benefits for independent consultants who use the platform
    • We handle the “front end” (sales & marketing) and the “back end” (billing & payment) so that consultants can focus on what they do best: helping clients!
  • Discussion of challenges faced while building and scaling Cansulta
    • Many see consulting as a luxury, premium, or nice-to-have service; but really, it’s a critical component that can impact the ultimate success or failure of any venture
  • Mention of industries and areas of expertise currently represented on Cansulta
  • Information on how Cansulta handles payment and billing for consultations
    • Pay with credit card or direct transfer; it’s as easy as shopping online!
  • Discussion of future plans and developments for Cansulta
    • Just launched! Our new Associates program offers vetted junior professionals to complement client internal teams and work alongside senior consultants
    • Expanding our offering of Cansulta Solutions: products and services at consistent fixed prices that can be provided by multiple professionals
  • Explanation of features built into the platform to enhance user experience
    • Browse people by skill, language, or location; secure virtual meeting rooms; calendar syncing; file sharing; private messaging; community forums & chat; universal search; Google and LinkedIn connect 
  • Discussion of Cansulta’s plans for growth and expansion in the next 5 years
  • Introduction of the team behind Cansulta and their roles
  • Information on how Cansulta supports independent consultants in terms of marketing and visibility
  • Details on how Cansulta handles customer support and satisfaction
  • Mention of notable clients or companies that have used Cansulta
  • Discussion on how Cansulta ensures data security and privacy for both clients and consultants
  • Conclusion and advice for other entrepreneurs looking to start a similar platform or business

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