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April 17, 2023

Transform Your Speaking Skills on the Startup Talk Podcast

Show Notes

In this episode of Startup Talk, we talk to Will Greenblatt, founder of OutLoud Speakers School and author of “Transform Your Speaking Skills: Gain Confidence, Captivate Audiences and Advance Your Career.” Will shares his journey from child TV star to professional actor to entrepreneur and coach, and discusses the power of storytelling and the signature OutLoud Method for improving public speaking skills.


Segment 1: Will’s background and the inspiration behind OutLoud Speakers School

Will talks about how his experience as an actor led him to start OutLoud Speakers School

He discusses the importance of effective communication and the challenges that many business professionals face in this area

Will shares some of the success stories of clients who have worked with OutLoud Speakers School and improved their speaking skills

Segment 2: The power of storytelling and the OutLoud Method

Will explains why storytelling is such an important element of public speaking and how it can help individuals connect with their audience

He introduces the “Five Acts” of the signature OutLoud Method and explains how it can help individuals create, rehearse, and deliver a powerful pitch or presentation

Will also shares some tips for overcoming stage fright and impostor syndrome, two common obstacles that many people face when speaking in public

Segment 3: The challenges and rewards of coaching

Will talks about some of the challenges he faced in building and growing OutLoud Speakers School, including how to effectively engage and retain clients

He also discusses the importance of empathy in coaching and how it can help speakers connect with their audience

Will shares his personal and professional goals for the future of OutLoud Speakers School and how he plans to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in public speaking and coaching


Will leaves us with some advice for aspiring public speaking coaches and anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills. He emphasizes the importance of practice, persistence, and a willingness to learn and grow. He also encourages listeners to check out his book, “Transform Your Speaking Skills,” for more insights and practical tips on how to become a powerful public speaker.

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