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January 15, 2024

Wearable Energy Harvesting and Humane AI Pin

On This Episode of Futuretech podcast we discuss Energy Harvesting for Wearable Technology Wearable AI Wearable Device Halves Stress Symptoms
Wearable Energy Harvesting and Humane AI Pin
FutureTech Podcast
Wearable Energy Harvesting and Humane AI Pin
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Show Notes

Wearable Energy Harvesting and Humane AI Pin
FutureTech Podcast
Wearable Energy Harvesting and Humane AI Pin

Welcome to FutureTech Podcast with your hosts Jon Irwin and The Startup Coach. We’re your guides to the world of cutting-edge technology, innovation, and business trends. In this episode of Futuretech podcast we discuss

Discussing Energy Harvesting for Wearable Technology
Wearable AI
Wearable Device Halves Stress Symptoms

Key Takeaway’s

02:01 🌐 Energy harvesting breakthroughs for wearables focus on scavenging energy from human motion, thermal differentials, light exposure, and ambient sources.

03:39 πŸ”„ Promising approaches include piezoelectric and triboelectric generators, with prototypes powering wearables through human sweat or casual hand motions.

05:32 βš™οΈ Potential applications range from infrastructure monitoring to smart apparel and green charging for consumer electronics, offering diverse possibilities for energy harvesting technology.

09:56 🌐 3D-printed sensors for tracking health parameters like temperature, potentially expanding to personalized health monitoring.

11:36 πŸ” Privacy concerns arise with the potential for misuse, such as unauthorized tracking using 3D-printed sensors. The balance between innovation and ethical considerations needs careful consideration.

15:16 πŸ”‹ Energy harvesting technology extends beyond biological beings, with applications on devices like cars and bicycles, creating possibilities for self-powered electronics.

17:52 πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Humorous exploration of using energy harvesting to encourage physical exercise as a means to charge devices, raising questions about the practicality of generating significant power.

18:36 πŸ“± Possibility of charging smartphones using wearable energy harvesting devices discussed, highlighting the challenges and potential advancements required for widespread adoption.

22:01 🎀 Introduction of Humane’s wearable AI device, Cloe, designed for conversational AI safety, prioritizing privacy and data security by avoiding uploading personal information to cloud servers.

23:52 🚫 Cloe incorporates on-device processing, privacy-focused training techniques, and oversight systems for monitoring interactions, aiming to establish safety-oriented design principles for conversational AI.

24:50 πŸ€– Privacy and security concerns raised about wearable technology, particularly in managing emails and interactions without clear details on privacy measures.

25:57 πŸ›‘οΈ Concerns about privacy and security with wearable technology, emphasizing the need for audits and transparency in handling user data.

26:54 πŸ’Ό Questions about updating wearable devices from the cloud, potential data usage, and the process of syncing and sharing information, highlighting the need for user control.

28:16 πŸ€– Skepticism regarding the practicality of wearable technology assisting in composing and editing emails, raising doubts about the effectiveness of the interface.

30:34 πŸ€– Exploring the combination of wearable devices and wireless charging technology for increased productivity on the go, while expressing concerns about disconnection from real-life experiences.

36:54 πŸ€– Discussion on a wearable device aimed at reducing stress and anxiety, utilizing noninvasive nerve stimulation and guided meditations, with a focus on potential side effects and user experience.

39:05 πŸ€– Curiosity about potential side effects and security risks of a stress-reducing wearable device, including concerns about hacking and the long-term impact of electronic stimulation.

42:47 πŸ€– Uncertainty about the device’s design and compatibility, questioning whether it can be worn with glasses or if it interferes with over-the-ear headphones.

48:47 πŸš€ Future live events announced, including the startup pitch battle, startup faceoff, and co-founder matchup event, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.

49:15 πŸ“… Upcoming event on January 25th for startup investor drinks at Workhouse in the Toronto GTA area, fostering connections and discussions within the entrepreneurial community.

49:30 🌐 Plans to increase mentoring, coaching, and content offerings throughout the year to support and accelerate the growth of the community’s businesses.

49:59 πŸ’° Potential changes in grants and loans business, specifically in the context of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program, with evaluations expected this year.

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