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Bitcoin Price (1 BTC to USD)

Want to know what the Bitcoin price is right now?  We have gathered various Bitcoin price information, real-time trades prices from multiple exchanges, and charts for you.  All price quotes are 1 BTC to USD.

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1 BTC to USD [cryptocurrency_widget type=”inline” symbol=”BTC~USD” template=”basic” color=”default” flash=”1″]

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Is the price down or up on the day?  Was the last move up or down?

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Bitcoin (1 BTC to USD) , Ethereum (1 ETH to USD), Litecoin (1 LTC to USD) realtime price comparison with change and % change

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(1 BTC to USD)

Realtime trade bitcoin prices displayed from multiple exchanges.  Want to know the what price people are buyin and selling at?  Check out this table

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Comparing Bitcoin price (1 BTC to USD) to Ethereum (1 ETH to USD) and Litecoin (1 LTC to USD).  This includes 24 hours lows, 24 hours high, open, change, percentage change and market cap.

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Also, want to track Ethereum Price in real-time? Head to our Ethereum Price tracking page

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Want to know the real time prices of cryptocurrencies?

First Bitcoin Price.

Second, Ethereum Price (1 ETH to USD) . 

Third, Litecoin Price (1 LTC to USD).

Fourth, Bitcoin Cash BCH Price (1 BCH to USD).

Fifth, Ripple XRP Price (1 XRP to USD).


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