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Map Your Business Plan on a One Page Canvas

Communicate and focus on the most valuable work.


Creating a lean business model canvas is critical for startups to ensure focus. The one-page lean business canvas distills your business plan down to a one-page document making it easier to share, communicate and focus on the most valuable work.

Creating a lean business model canvas is critical for startups to ensure focus

In this session led by The Startup Coach and small business mentor Craig Major you will learn how to use the business canvas, a one-page document and action plan.

This small group mentoring lets you get

Intimate and Interactive with The Startup Coach

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During these 2 hour sessions, the small group is led through introductions and what is the business canvas and how to complete it’s nine sections and then attendees work on their canvas asking questions and getting help and presenting what they have drafted to the class at the end.

The 9 section of the business Model Canvas Include


Customer Segments

all the people or organizations for which you are creating value.  This includes simple users and paying customers

Business Model canvas customer segments


Value Proposition

For each customer segments you have a unique value proposition.  The bundles of products or services that create value for your customers



Channels describe which touch points your interacting with your customers and delivering value

Business Model Canvas channels


Customer Relationships

Customer relationships outline the type of relationships your establishing with your customers

Business model canvas customer relationships


Revenue Streams

The Revenue streams make clear how and through which pricing mechanisms your business model is capturing value

Business model canvas revenue streams


Key Resources

The key resources show which assets are indispensable in your business model

Business model canvas key resources


Key Activities

Key Activities show which things you really need to perform well

business model canvas key activities


Key Partners

Key Partners show who can help you leverage your business model since you won’t know all key resources yourself nor will your perform all key activities

business model canvas key partners


Cost Structure

Once you understand your business models infrastructure  You will also have an idea of it’s cost structure

business model canvas cost structure

Space is Limited

This is a Lean Startup Workshop and space is very limited. This is the second of a series of lean startup workshops designed by Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentor The Startup Coach to help entrepreneurs take their idea and turn into a sustainable business. Other workshops include Lean Startup Idea Validation Workshop, Lean Startup Marketing & PR Workshop, Lean Startup Social Media Workshop, and Startup Law.

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