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The Startup Visa Program with Visto.AI

startup visa program with Josh

TorontoStarts and presents “The Startup Visa Program” with Joshua Schachnow Josh takes us through the details of the Startup Visa Program. The how, what, and when to apply. Does it apply to you and your prerequisites Joshua and the Startup Coach talk about the startup visa program, getting your letter of support, accelerator acceptance […]

Canadian Immigration Law with Joshua Schachnow

canadian immigration law

TorontoStarts and Visto presents “Canadian Immigration Law” with Joshua Schachnow Joshua and the Startup Coach talk about the current immigration situation and the ins and outs of the different visa programs. Josh Schachnow, B.Com., J.D. (Western), is a Toronto-based immigration lawyer and CEO of, a free platform that helps skilled workers and international students […]

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