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Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

Start connecting with your customers and community in a meaningful way

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TorontoStarts Lean Startup Marketing & PR Workshop is designed to give entrepreneurs hands-on time with marketing & PR experts.   Understanding Marketing & PR can make the difference between success or failure for startups.

Understanding where and how to spend your time on social media will maximize your time and value from social.

In this session hosted by Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentor The Startup Coach  Craig Major our PR and Marketing Mentors sit with groups of 2-3 attendees at a time answering their questions and giving their best actionable advice. After 40 minutes you switch to a new mentor to give you many different perspectives in one evening.

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Candace Huntly

Founder SongBird Marketing Communications is a boutique firm that makes brands sing

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Nyima Gyalmo

Founder of Social Sherpa Nyima helps We connect you with your best customers!

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The Startup Coach

with over 120,000 followers across social media platforms The Startup Coach works with Startups every day to help grow their business

The Startup Coach - Social Media workshop Mentor


The Startup Social Media Workshop space is very limited. This is the part of a series of lean startup workshops designed by Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentor The Startup Coach to help entrepreneurs take their idea and turn into a sustainable business. Other workshops include Startup Idea Validation Workshop, Lean StartuP Business Model Canvas workshop,  Startup Marketing & PR Workshop, and Startup Law Workshop.

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