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Dec 13 2023

Startup Investor Drinks!  

We can’t wait to see you!

Startup Investor Drinks is Over 8 years Old

Toronto’s Startup Investor Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar helps connect Investor Ready startups with Investors in an intimate networking environment with drinks, pizza and rapid fire pitches.  Startup Investor Drinks is TorontoStarts flagship & longest standing startup community event. Connect with founders, funders, innovators, entrepreneurs, & leaders in Toronto’s startup ecosystem. We have evolved from Startup Drinks Toronto and now include open pitch and open bar. This is not only a monthly ritual for many of the city’s local startups, VCs, small business owners it is also the gateway event for many new entrepreneurs, professionals, and others looking to learn more about starting up in Toronto.

Startup Investor Drinks is a casual gathering that fosters grassroots relationship building where startup founders, funders, partners and enthusiasts come together to exchange ideas, share knowledge, discuss challenges and learn from one another.

Not an Investor ready startup or an Active Startup Investor? 

You can still buy a ticket, sponsor, or volunteer at the event to attend.  

Come for a drink, make some new connections and talk shop . Meet some of our leaders and find out about our upcoming events and activities.  Join our volunteer program and one our teams.  

Next Startup Pitch Battle Jan 27,  7pm

4 Startup Enters, 1 Startup Leaves Victorious!  4 Startups Pitch to a panel of judges and our live audience.  Judges ask questions and give feedback.  The live audience votes on their favorite and the judges choose the winner is chosen by the quality of their pitch.

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Startup Investor Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar

Happens Dec 13 2023, 6pm 

TorontoStarts Toronto’s Startup Community

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Craig Major, The Startup Coach Host of Startup Drinks Open Pitch Open BarCraig Major, The Startup Coach Host of Startup Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar

Your Host:

Craig Major

TorontoStarts Founder,

The Startup Coach




6:00 PM


Startup Drinks Location

Workhaus CCS30 Wellington Street West

Come for a drink, meet the latest Startup Launch Accelerator Cohort, meet investors, and make some new connections. Talk shop with developers, designers, marketers, community organizers, writers, artists, and more. Meet some of our leaders and find out about our upcoming events and activities. Join our volunteer program and one our teams.

Startup Drinks

Open Pitch Details:

  1. 1A Timer counts down the 20 second Open Pitches – If you are pitching don’t ramble! You will be cut off when time runs out to ensure, everyone has a chance and to force you to focus.
  2. 2Want to pitch? Talk to Craig once you arrive to get on the list!  Want more than 20 seconds convince Craig when signing up.
  3. 3Open Pitches Start shortly after 7 and we close the bar while the pitches are happening.  Get there early and grab a drink before 7.

Startup Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar Sponsors

CPA Ontario proud Sponsor of TorontoStartsCPA Ontario proud Sponsor of TorontoStartsInsight Legal Sposor of TorontoStarts Entrepreneur and Startup programsCatapult Brewing Sponsor of Startup Drinks Open Pitch Open BarCatapult Brewing Sponsor of Startup Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar

Entrepreneurship is not a solo sport Reserve your spot now and join us live for Startup Investor Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar and start networking with the people active in the community who want to help and see you succeed. 

Startup Investor Drinks

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone pitch?

Yes, Talk to Craig, The Startup Coach once you arrive and he will add you to the list.  Come and pitch your startup, services, product, or if you are looking for work or hiring.  

How long are the pitches?

The Open Pitches times are assigned by the Startup Coach when you are added to the list.  Pitches are given 20 seconds, with a couple pitching longer.  Want to pitch longer convince the startup coach when signing up at the event.

Do I need slides to pitch?

No, for the 20 second pitches slides won’t be used.  

What does Open Bar mean?

Your entry ticket covers all your drinks for the event.  Our bartenders will be serving Catapult Brewing Kolsch and APA beers are served as well as white and red wine, sparkling water, and water.

Is there food?

Yes, we serve pizza as we want everyone to be thinking about the amazing connections they are making not about being hungry.

Can I become a partner?

Yes, you can sponsor a Startup Investor Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar event by purchasing the $250 sponsorship package.  You can also contact us directly by emailing us to discuss other partnership opportunities. 

Is there a Microphone?

Yes, there is a mic to use, but you will still have to speak at a loud volume.

What if I am the worst at pitching?

Then use the Open Pitch portion to practice in a friendly and welcoming environment and tips and feedback that will make you better 

Can I play a video?

In general no, you only get 20 seconds to pitch and loading a video takes too much time. You can talk to The Startup Coach if you feel you deserve an exception and You maybe allowed to play a video without volume while you pitch in order to show your product or service.  You will still be limited to the time allotted.

How big is Startup Drinks Open Pitch Open Bar?

The monthly attendance varies from around 100 – 120 entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and more.  

Do I need to be a startup to attend?

TorontoStarts is always community first  If you are not a startup you can still buy a ticket.  If you are in the idea stage you can volunteer, and anyone can sponsor and help us pay for the food and drinks.  if you are part of the entrepreneur ecosystem or are just interested in meeting some amazing people, join us.

What if I have more questions?

You can also contact us directly by emailing us


entrepreneurship is not a solo sport start networking with the people active in the community who want to help and see you succeed. 

Join us.

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