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The GROWTH HACKING CRASH COURSE will teach you how to find new customers and grow your business


The Growth Hacking Crash Course gives you the latest tools, resources, and ideas of the best growth hackers. Come prepared to learn and work through the concepts, tricks, and tools you need to make you a growth hacker.

Led by Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentor The Startup Coach 

Understanding the systems and algorithms and that exist and making them work for you is one of the Growth Hackers Secret weapons

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100 Hacks, Tips, & Tricks

Growth Hacking Crash Course Covers

Before Product Market Fit

Hacking your mindset, getting your first customers, being sure about Product-Market fit


Leveraging Competitors, Getting emails of followers of your competition, Finding journalists, Hacking the Press, Hack Product Hunt …


Real Keyword Strategies SEO White Hat,  Early Stage Growth Hacks, spying on the competition

Retention Strategies

Auto Pilot social media,  Retention emails, Social content


What is Growth Hacking


The Science of Growth Hacking


The Lean Marketing Funnel


Pirate Metrics


Identifying the Bottleneck


Notable Growth Hacks


Growth Hacking Experiments

Growth Hacking Crash Course Testimonials

I gained more knowledge from 3 hours … than I have ever been able to from other sources

I attended your “growth hacking crash course” on August 19th.

I feel like I gained more knowledge from 3 hours of your session than I have ever been able to from other sources. I realized the value of learning from an industry person. Thanks for your time and I hope to keep in touch with you to learn more.

Anand Krishnakumar Founder

Growth Hacking Crash Course to be incredibly valuable

Thanks for last night’s course. I found your Growth Hacking Crash Course to be incredibly valuable as we move closer and closer to bringing our product to market. Most notably you identified some key areas we haven’t yet focused on and provided greater clarity on many other things we are currently working through. My partner and I will be attending several more of your sessions

Russel Everett co-founder

After the second slide I already felt I had gotten the value

After literally the second slide of Craig’s powerpoint presentation of his ‘Growth Hacking’ workshop, I already felt I had gotten the value of what I paid. Either I’m that great of a learner – or his shit is legit. Good thing I brought food and filled up on a big cup of coffee at the start of his workshop – his presentation was intense and fully packed with immediately useful tips – literally every slide had a point or message.. there was no filler. My brain is so amped and I feel super motivated to apply some of the techniques presented about.. I can’t wait to see the results for my business!!

Irene Yeung founder

Craig was a great instructor

Craig was a great instructor and provided a detailed, articulate and patient account of what growth hacking is supposed to be. As someone who did not have much of a background of Growth Hacking, Craig was very patient and clear in his explanation and took a lot of time to explain the core concepts to me. I thank Craig for his patience, humility and humor. I can confidently say that I am pleased to have attended his Growth Hacking crash course and definitely more curious now about Growth Hacking and its related concepts than I have been before. I shall surely be attending future events.

Azim Harianawalla

it was awesome!

I attended the growth hacking crash course with Craig and it was awesome! It was a very open environment as he encouraged us to bounce ideas off each other which was very effective. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone seeking to grow their business or take it to the next level. The three hours go by way too quick so be sure to take advantage and more importantly take notes!! I’m very excited to be a part of the Toronto Startup Community and look forward to what they have to offer!

Amaal Samji Co-founder and CMO


Over 100 – White Hat / Grey Hat / Black Hat Growth Hacking tricks

100 Hacks & Tips to…

Grow Your Business


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