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The Startup Coach Free Call


Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentor

The Startup Coach

Craig Major is Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentor, The Startup Coach. With an extensive corporate background including being the youngest Senior Manager at Deloitte & Touche where he was Senior Manager of Architecture and Planning.  Program Director for the Wireless Activation Centre at Bell Mobility, Chief Technology Officer and Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Program director doing software implementation for Canadian banks. and more before founding TorontoStarts (formerly Startup Toronto) Toronto’s Entrepreneur & Startup Community in early 2015.


Book A 15 Min Call with The Startup Coach

Each session is free.

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This is only available by personal invite of The Startup Coach

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Entrepreneurship is not a solo sport


The Startup Coach empowers entrepreneurs to succeed by helping them roll up their sleeves with designing and building disruptive businesses with lean startup methodologies and proven best practices.

The fundamental activities of a startup:
turn ideas into products
measure how customers respond
learn whether to pivot or persevere

The Startup Coach knows successful startup processes accelerate that feedback loop.

Define your customer targets, product or service. Build a Lean Canvas.
Gather resources and market research.
Build a minimum viable product when you KNOW your unique value proposition.


Attend a Workshop


What People are Saying about The Startup Coach Workshops and Crash Courses:

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Idea Validation Workshop

So you have a business idea, How do you tell if it is good? Will customers buy? How do I validate my idea?

In this session led by Toronto’s Startup & Entrepreneur Mentor The Startup Coach, you will learn how to use the idea validation canvas, a one-page document, and action plan to validate any business idea.

During this entrepreneurial Coaching session, you are given a walkthrough of the Idea Validation Canvas followed by each participant filling out their canvas and developing an action plan to validate your idea.  Idea Validation is the first Step in building a business plan and roadmap to Startup success.


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Business Model Canvas Workshop

Creating a lean business canvas is critical for entrepreneurs to ensure focus on the right things about their startup.  The lean business canvas distills your business plan down to a one-page document making it easier to share, communicate and focus on the most valuable work.

In this session led by The Startup Coach and Toronto’s entrepreneur mentor Craig Major you will learn how to use the business canvas, a one-page document and action plan.


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Marketing & PR Workshop

Understanding Marketing & PR can make the difference between success or failure for startups.

In this session hosted by The Startup Coach and small business mentor Craig Major. Multiple PR and Marketing Mentors meet with participants in groups of 2-3 45 minutes at a time asking their questions and getting actionable strategies and advice before switching to the next mentor.  This a very interactive session.


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Social Media Workshop

Understanding where and how to spend your time on social media will maximize your time and value from social.

In this session led by Startup Coach and Toronto’s entrepreneur mentor Craig Major. Brings together multiple mentors who meet with participants in groups of 2-3 for 45 minutes at a time asking their questions and getting actionable strategies and advice before switching to the next mentor.  This a very interactive session.


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Startup Law

Any entrepreneur interested in learning how to navigate around common pitfalls and to position their startup for long-term success should attend TorontoStarts Startup Law Workshop – Top 10 Legal Issues for Startups.

During the workshop, hosted by Toronto’s entrepreneur mentor, you will learn, what is the appropriate business structure for your startup, whether your company needs a founders agreement, how to protect your intellectual property rights and how startups can protect themselves from employment-related lawsuits and much more.


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with The Startup Coach

Toronto’s Growth Hacking Crash Course gives you the latest tools, resources, and ideas of the best growth hackers. Come prepared to learn and work through the concepts, tricks, and tools you need to make you a growth hacker.  This session led by Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentor is meant to arm startups with new approaches to grow their business.

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Social Media Crash Course

Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentor The Startup Coach, gives you the latest tools, resources, and ideas for making the most out of your social media efforts to maximize your effectiveness and minimize your effort.  Entrepreneurs should spend time running their business not wasting it on social media only to get 200 – 300 followers in a year.  Stop wasting your time and use social media properly

This is a hands-on crash course walks you through the steps, tools, and techniques you need to get your first 1000 followers on:

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Linkedin

  • Facebook


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SEO Crash Course

Gives you the latest tools, resources, and ideas for making the most out of your SEO efforts to maximize your effectiveness and minimize your effort.

This is a hands-on crash course, led by Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentor The Startup Coach, walks you through all the steps and tools you need to start ranking and driving traffic to your website. You will walk through the SEO manual created by the Startup Coach and get using the tools, and leave with a detailed plan and manual to help you succeed.


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